Free functionality or $99 one-time to rejuvinate your toolchain
Brought to you by the creator of FirePHP
You are a passionate & hard working developer. You deserve a tool to leverage your time and mind.

Christoph Dorn has been working hard to make this a reality. DeveloperCompanion is his answer to years of yearning for a unified methodology and open toolsuite that addresses some fundamental issues in software development.

You need a tool you can incrementally integrate to provide you with deep internal application intelligence and control during development and after deployment. If it can help get your work done easier by integrating with your favorite software development tools you are excited.

DeveloperCompanion and the underlying technologies are long-term projects with a multi-year roll-out. The 1.0 milestone is the result of several years of work and the beginning to making the process of working with open source software more efficient and accessible.
Phase 1: DeveloperCompanion 1.0

Current status: BETA


  • CommonJS-based foundation (done)
  • Jetpack-based application framework (done)
  • FirePHP 1.0 (finishing)
  • Develop and debug PHP applications (finishing)
  • Project (workspace) explorer (in progress)
  • Project metadata based user interface configuration (in progress)
  • Native Application Launching (planned)
  • Github Integration (planned)
  • Cloud deployment (planned)
  • Develop and debug JavaScript applications (planned)
  • Monitor deployed applications (planned)
  • Modular PHP development (planned)
  • Modular CommonJS development (planned)
  • Pluggable Tools (planned)
Free Functionality
  • FirePHP 1.0 installation and configuration wizard (done)
  • Logging from PHP to DeveloperCompanion Console (done)
  • Logging from PHP to Firebug Console (done)
  • Run various DeveloperCompanion plugins (planned)
$99 one-time

Core Open Source Projects:

  • Request-based intelligence for PHP applications (done)
  • Remote editing of live PHP applications (finishing)
  • Write, publish and maintain DeveloperCompanion plugins (planned)
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